IT Outsourcing

We help you with highly qualified staff. Having quality employees will help your company.

IT Outsourcing

The growth of the IT sector is continuous, which entails a growth in the demand for IT professionals and the creation of flexible outsourcing models that adapt to the needs of each company.

Our selection and management team has a deep knowledge of the industry, combined with the highest technological expertise, which allows us to support our clients in their projects or to increase their IT team to meet both specific and long-term growth needs.

Ditech is specialized in search and service delivery with highly qualified professionals and provide new IT talent.

To do so, we have important professionals, not only in Spain, but in other countries. And, in the case of having to recruit them, we have our own process of adding value in all phases of the cycle of selection, recruitment and monitoring of the service.

Talent+ is the result of our experience in this field. It is designed specifically to tackle the shortage of qualified professionals within the IT departments.

Our Talent+ Programs

Talent+ brings together two innovative programs, that allow us to attract and maintain new international IT talent that your business needs.

In both cases, we facilitate the incorporation of qualified IT personnel into your staff in the medium term.

Services delivery through highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the latest market technologies

Through this program we have developed a system tailored to the needs of the client to service and develop projects together through our highly qualified professionals.

We have the best selection team in different countries to manage the best talent globally.Likewise, our knowledge of the international IT market allow us to attract the best and most committed professionals.

Our professionals are linked to the project through a personalized career plan, which guarantees the company its continuity and the retention of knowledge within its business.

A continuous training plan can be designed for these professionals.

This enables us to cover any specific need with a wide range of professionals, even in the event of a shortage in the local market.

Work program for young engineers with a simultaneous training plan (Master), tailored to the client’s needs

The base of this program is professional development and reinforcement, with a high-level continuous training, officially promoted by Ditech and the selected business school and by the end client.

Specifically, the program incorporates talented and young graduates to provide services for one, two or three years in high-tech projects of the end client.

At the same time, and in order to help them to adequately perform the tasks and functions of their respective positions, they carry out a block of continuous training in a Master’s format, in which all the necessary contents are studied.

From the beginning, the client participates in the design and programming of this master’s degree.

Business School

1-2 years Training Plan Providers.

Training of candidates already in the country of origin.

Management of the comprehensive high-level training plan.


Selection of students for the Postgraduate Program and Internship.

Contracting and signing of the agreement with the Business School for the development of the training program.

Students start an internship at the end client.

Management of the training and internship plan.

Change from Student Visa to Work Visa after the end of the training cycle, with hiring by the company in which the graduates have done the training.

End Customer

Definition of the required technical profile of the student.

Design, together with the Business School and Ditech, of the high-level tailor-made training plan.

Ditech hired the Comprehensive Project Training, Consulting and Management Program.

Supporting Ditech in the elaboration of the personalized career plan.

Whether you are a final year student, an experienced professional or a company that requires workers with high IT skills