The best way to manage all the information of your company. Easy integration with your processes and quick application

The basis of our Solutions+

The production, administrative and commercial processes are the main source of information for a company. All the necessary data for decision-making origins from them.
Our ability to extract the data, interpret and use it in the company management in real time allows us to implement differential solutions in the different areas of the organization, through a system that we have defined as Solutions+.


The Solutions+ are the result of over 4 years of Research and Development(R&D) within the process of production, administration and marketing.


They are based incore data management, that can consolidate and show up to 4 years of information in less than 1,5 seconds.


A significant number of leading companies already trust their proven results.

Main features of our Solutions+

Adaptive and quality solutions

The implementation of this model leads to the establishment in your company of:

A continuous cycle of finding, measurement and improvement of the productive, administrative and commercial processes.
With a high added value focus, the Solutions + improve the income statement directly and help with decision-making.
And easy to implement, Solutions + are designed to coexist with existing systems, integrating their information and simplifying their configuration and adaptation.
Improve the quality, efficiency, control and security of your company’s processes. Implement our solutions PLUS