Software development services for projects and businesses

We develop projects aimed at making complex business logic applications a reality and broad in functionalities. Experts in Agile methodologies through agile development centers in Spain and Latin America

Fundamentals of our development services


We adapt our processes to the structure and specific need of the client. Thus we optimize the costs and the stability of the operation.

We use metrics to guarantee and monitor the quality of the service throughout the project.

The control and monitoring are systematically and periodically integrated into the service cycle during the project.

Our model avoids deviations, which contributes to a shortening of delivery times throughout the entire service.

Modalities of services

We offerdifferent types of projects and services according to the needs of each client, ranging from greater to lesser degree of penetration of our solutions in companies.:


Project Management Office (PMO -Project Management Office-)

Technical office where we carry out the definition, audit and continuous improvement of the organizational processes, as well as the verification and validation of the software.

Our highly skilled and certified in Professional Project Management (PMP -Project Management Professional-) staff is the main player to accomplish these functions.


Closed Projects

Implementation and integration of Information Systems under agile methodologies.


We provide our clients with the collaboration of experts in their business models and the technologies they execute.

Services AM

Managed software and infrastructure implementation services under SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Areas of application of development services

Our ability to work in different places allows us to offer the best customer service.

Our services can be:


High-value technical services at customer’s premises.


Ditech Software Factories in Barcelona, Logroño y Zaragoza.


Remote software factory / monitoring services from our delegation in Colombia and Spain.

Our methodology CHETID

We have our own and proven work framework that defines our activities, procedures and templates to handle any task. The productivity and quality oriented management is regulated by this methodology.

  • Construction = Entry QA, Estimate, Planning, Construction, Unit Tests and Exit QA
  • Technical Design and Construction
  • Functional Analysis, Technical Design, Construction and Integrated Testing
  • Complete Development = Functional Analysis, Technical Design, Construction, Integrated Testing and Implementation

Technological forefront

Our R&D activity allows us to be at the technological forefront.

We use ttechniques and tools that facilitate management, to assure the tasks of control and a warranty of the software quality.

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Multiscreen Mobile Development

DevOps Continuous integration QA Virtualization



Big Data -BI

Our tools

Guaranteed quality

Our managers are accredited in project management with the PMI and Scrum Master certification.

We maintain a constant focus on the quality of work, meeting deadlines, costs, regulations and design standards.

Within the framework of the ISO 9001 Regulation, we carry out the set of activities to guarantee the quality of the delivered products and the provided services.

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