The FCD Alliance was born as a partnership between Future Connections and DITECH 4.0., Created to supportandacceleratethe digital transformationand to better address the dynamic operational challenges of its clients earound the world.

The new association offers a joint experience in IT, software development, network management and AI & Big Data. Expanding joint operations in new countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada or in Latin America .

Our main assets

Great allies

The alliance with Future Connections offers us innovative and personalized solutions and services to accompany telecommunications operators and companies on their path towards digitization and modernization, especially in the areas of network analysis, optimization and automation.

Portfolio expansion

The joint experience and knowledge of the FCD Alliance allows us to offer a wide catalog of services and solutions, from traditional software development and outsourcing it to innovative solutions for IoT, IA and optimization of 5G networks.


Focus on Clients

FCD Alliance was born customer-oriented. We are experts in helping clients overcome the challenges that limit their efficiency, profitability and quality of service.

The alliance increases capabilities to help make everything work and integrate seamlessly so that our customers do not have to worry. They are unique and intuitive services.

Focus on customer’s needs

Offices in more than 10 countries

15 years of international experience

Deep technological knowledge

Joint R&D in disruptive vertical solutions

Experience in new sectors

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