Big Bubo

The Internet makes our life easier. It can also hamper the workplace productivity: distractions, malware or spyware.

With BigBubo filtering policies by categories enable you to set up access only where you decide.

Find out how to get the most of you business.


Protect, control and manage Internet in your company in a simple way.

  • Decide what content is allowed in your company.
  • Optimize network performance: setting up filtering policies by categories and profiles.
  • Personalization of blocked or allowed content.
  • Control of the use of Internet according to the schedule and the day of the week.
  • It allows you to decide which computers will have Internet access and witch ones will not.
  • It allows you to control your company from your mobile phone.
  • Daily updates of servers, antimalware engine, contents and filters.
  • The Vunkers Protect detection engine is fast, safe and silent.
  • Worry-free web browsing: Piracy, phishing, malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware.